Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 First Full Week in Review

My ribcage feels like a boxing match has been held inside me (due to all the bronchitis-induced coughing), I sound like a tenor (so says Debby - I'd actually go so far as to say baritone) instead of the alto I am; we're still working on getting Christmas decorations down, laundry caught up, and decluttering done (all 15 minutes at a time); Woody is still working to catch up after his work laptop died and had to have a new hard drive and a new system board put in (he's also trying to catch up on the missed sleep that has all caused); BUT ALL THINGS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION, I am still officially declaring this a good week.

The bills are done and up to date, and we're okay.

We had three great days of school. I'd originally hoped for 5, but am thrilled with three. I'll share a couple of quotes from the girls, and you'll understand. Jelly - "I LOVE learning! I've missed it!" Doodle - "Cursive writing is so much fun!" It goes on. Seriously.

I know that what they've really missed has been a structured routine. As easy-going as we are, we all thrive when we're following a schedule and doing our routines. Ours is not a "tight" structure - on the contrary. It's really just a guide to keep us on track. If things take less time, or even longer than we expect, no problem. We move on when we're ready. The disclaimer here, though, is that our timer, for CERTAIN things, also keeps us moving and on track. It may not be an exact science, but for us it works. The evidence can't be denied.

We have wrapped up everything we left dangling from 2008, and we're ready to move on! Woohoo!

So now I'm in planning mode again. Details to follow.

I LOVE making lists! Bwwaaahaaahaaaa!

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At Fri Jan 09, 06:31:00 PM PST, Blogger woodnotes02 said...

Well, today was feast day -- 2 blogs from Woody and 3 from you that I hadn't read yet. It sounds like things are headed in the right direction. I mourn for Greg's computer -- nothing gets me down faster than computer problems. Please get well soon! I admire your 4 goals and will try to emulate them.

At Fri Jan 09, 07:24:00 PM PST, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

It's always so wonderful to "hear" from you - balm to my soul.

It will be a pleasure to have you striving with me - accountability really mutiplies the motivation factor.

Hugs and prayers!

At Fri Jan 09, 09:38:00 PM PST, Blogger Mrs. Darling said...

I am so not a list person but sometimes one just has to make a list and Im too that point. LOL

Looking forward to hearing the details on your list making.

At Fri Jan 09, 11:13:00 PM PST, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

Mrs. Darlng, do you know about the FlyLady? You probably don't, because you don't appear to need her. Anyway, you seem to be what she calls "Born Organized." I'm so jealous! I, on the other hand, am a "Sidetracked Home Executive" and my lists have been known to save our hides on occasion! lol

I'll keep you posted on my list progress, and you do the same. :o)

At Sun Jan 11, 06:55:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell Jelly that I love to learn too. It's not always in the traditional school classroom, but life seems to be a learning process. Work provides learning times as well. In short, never stop the teachng and learning moments, no matter how old we are. Deb :)

At Sun Jan 11, 10:24:00 PM PST, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

Deb, Jelly wanted me to tell you thanks. She "loves knowing that there are other people out there that love learning as much as" she does.

Your comment made her day. So thanks from her mama, too. ;o)

At Wed Jan 14, 06:51:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool! Deb :)

At Mon Jul 20, 08:48:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Mrs darling said...

Hey I saw you over on my homeschool blog. What's up?Are you not blogging anymore or did you move to another blog? Where are you at old friend! :)

At Mon Jul 20, 09:05:00 AM PDT, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

Hello! I really am still here, though you sure can't tell it!

My goal is to post our "school year in review" for 2008-9 by the end of this month. We'll be starting up again on Aug. 3, and THEN my goal is to post at least once a week. I could KICK myself for not posting this spring and summer, but all that would do is hurt. Who needs that! ;o)


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