Saturday, September 12, 2009

Liahona 2009-10

I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. Our little homeschool support group is alive and growing!

Last year Liahona's leader turned over the reins to yours truly, since her last homeschooler is doing mostly community collge courses now. I tried not to take it personally when our group shrank to almost nonexistence. On the positive side, we-the-few-but-mighty, had some fun park days and some grand field trip adventures! The girls have some very special friends that they would not have if it weren't for Liahona.

Jelly (on the right)and her friend, Leah

Doodle and her pals, Clara, Hannah, and Emily

We're all looking forward to adventures with old AND new friends this year. We had a park day / planning meeting on Wednesday and the group has more than doubled in size! We have teenagers, too, so there are now kids from pre-school through high school. Hurray!!

So watch this space for Liahona adventures - coming soon!

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