Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cinderella Silliness

We're still in the midst of our Cinderella Stories Around the World unit study, but I thought I'd give you a preview of some of the fun we're having.

Part of our regular activities include a poetry mini unit. We've written quinzaines, tongue twisters, acrostics, and cinquains so far. Today, as part of our adventures with Irish Cinderellas, we studied the formula for, read, and wrote limericks.

No one knows for sure why or how the name of an Irish city became associated with the short, nonsensical, often not-so-nice verses we know as limericks. Some believe it originated with a school of poets who lived in the town of Croom, in County Limerick, in the 19th century, whose specialization was satiric verse. We may never know for sure, but it is documented that the genre became popular during the Victorian era due mainly to the nonsense verses of Edward Lear.

In any case, as long as you stay away from the bawdy ones, limericks can really be a ton of fun -- whether you're reading or writing them. There are lots of concepts to be learned as you write them, too. Here at Wonderwood Academy, we feel strongly that laughter is an important part of a balanced education. ;o) Just don't laugh TOO much while you're balancing on one leg... you could tip over!! lol

Here are our contributions to the legacy of the limerick. Hopefully they'll make you laugh, or at least smile real big!

Cinderella Limericks
by the Woody Family

There once was a girl, Cinderella,
Who wanted to sing a capella.
She worked as she sang.
The clock chimed and rang.
At her wedding she sang a capella.


There once was a girl, Cinderella,
Who had a nice friend, name of Bella.
The girls had to work hard.
They worked hard in their yard.
Until they each met a nice fella.


There once was a girl, Cinderella,
Who wanted to sing a capella.
Her step-mother brayed.
Her godmother played.
So it wasn't quite true a capella.

More Cinderella stories soon. :o)

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