Monday, November 12, 2007


I'm afraid that Veteran's Day for many has become nothing more than one of those "sale holidays" where you can get special deals on everything from mattresses to big screen TVs. Our own family's remembrance will not be big or fancy, just a special devotional - discussion, patriotic songs, and helping dad raise the flag - but we do appreciate and love our servicemen past and present. We are truly grateful to live in this "choice land" and to enjoy the blessings of freedom.

We are very proud of our 11-year-old goddaughter, SwimChick. She is an amazing girl with a lot to give. Her even-more-proud mama sent us the following poem, which took 3rd place in a schoolwide contest this week.

Our Heroes
By SwimChick

They fight for our nation
They fight for our pride
They fight for our future
They fight far and wide

Five different Branches
All equally strong
Making sure that in our world
Nothing will go wrong

Many are old
Many are young
Many survived
Too many are gone

God bless our Soldiers
Keep them safe from our foes
God bless our Veterans
God bless our Heroes

Thank you, SwimChick, for helping us remember to keep this holiday real.

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At Mon Nov 12, 09:18:00 AM PST, Blogger Woody said...

Woody is pretty proud of his goddaughter, too. A budding author!


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