Monday, January 28, 2008

On Comet... I mean Cupid!

True, the Christmas season has come and gone, but it WILL come again, and it is STILL on the minds of the young, and the young at heart.

We have been, here at our house, working for a while now on having a House of Order. You are probably aware of the wonderful FLYLady. Daily FLYmails help keep order in my mind, even when we haven’t actually quite gotten there. This morning, though, something happened here that I thought might bring a smile, especially to other FLYbabies who are still working to have their own Houses of Order.

I had just finished in the kitchen. Dishes were done, counters and stovetop wiped down, and dinner was in the crockpot. Though I hadn’t said so out loud, we then proceeded to do a 15-minute tidy in the living room. The Doodlebug, sick with a nasty headcold, had earlier finished a yogurt for breakfast. The container, spoon inside, was sitting on her tray. I asked her to put the container into the recycling bag which is hanging on the back door, and to put the spoon into the left-hand side of the sink. She hopped up quickly, happy to comply. (Both the girls usually have great attitudes about helping, unless it interferes with a really great game of pretend!) After depositing the recycling, she walked to the sink, looked in and saw that I had sprinkled it with cleanser to sit for a bit before I shined it up. “Mom, I can’t put my spoon in the sink, it has Cupid in it,” she informed me. Not Dasher or Dancer, or even COMET… CUPID!! :o)

I think Cupid is a much better name for a sink cleanser, especially for FLYladies who LOVE their shiny sinks.

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At Mon Jan 28, 09:12:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love It! The girls make smile. :)


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