Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Celebrating Life

There is just something about December, and this one is off to a fantastic beginning!

Saturday, Dec. 1: Last year, as I mentioned previously, we began a new tradition of participating in the Community Creche Exhibit and Concert sponsored by our neighboring stake in Orange, CA. They really do a marvelous job! We loved it again this year. There were literally hundreds of nativities on display, from all over the world. I asked everyone what their favorites were, but nobody could decide - there are just too many that are amazing for too many different reasons. Really, though, the best part is the incredibly good feeling that permeates the whole building right down into the middle of each heart.

The girls again enjoyed the nativity dress-up room and the kids' craft room, which they took full advantage of while Woody was doing a last-minute rehearsal. I got to relax and enjoy the interim imusical offerings and some time to visit with a friend from church. When concert time came, the Anaheim Mormon Chorale did their usual excellent job. The spirit and message of the music was sweet AND powerful. The song from Amahl and the Night Visitors, by Woody and friends, really blessed my soul. (Mom, if it works out, you may even get to hear it! Hope I'm not spoiling a surprise.)

Sunday, the 2nd: Woody and I were asked to sing a special number during the Relief Society program. It was an Afterglow song, called "The Holy Child." It felt good, and many comments afterward confirmed the feeling.

Then the Doodle had her special baptismal interview with the Bishop after church. She was a little nervous as she went in, but the huge grin covering her entire face as she came out echoed her words, "I'm ready!"

Peace, peace, peace.

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