Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Thanks

Counting blessings is always encouraged, but at this time of year it seems like it just happens - like spontaneous combustion! I'm on fire with gratitude. Here is my list - I'm VERY thankful for them all:
  • My testimony of the Plan of Salvation; a loving Father in Heaven and His Son, our Saviour and Redeemer - supreme examples of giving
  • Woody - the best of the best for me; add no. 1 and together we can do anything!
  • The Woodyettes - being a mom is a wonderful challenge, but the perks and job satisfaction are so worth it!
  • A cozy, comfortable home that is just right for us and where family and friends are always welcome.
  • Extended family who are all real blessings to us and whom we keep always in our prayers.
  • Friends who feel like family - you know who you are!
  • Woody's good job - we often complain about all it requires of him, but appreciate his willingness to do so much to provide for us.
  • A free country - even with all its challenges, there is nowhere I'd rather raise our daughters.
  • Homeschooling - see the first four items on this list and then note the links in the sidebar to some of the awesome curriculum we use!
  • Health - we're doing our part, and know that the Great Physician has greatly blessed as I've overcome some huge obstacles this year. The power of prayer and the priesthood are real!
  • Our church family - so many truly Christ-like people!
  • Scrapbooking - my creative outlet and family history all wrapped up together.
  • Our minivan - it provides opportunities for so many amazing family adventures.
  • My laptop - when my arthritis won't let me do anything else, there is still so much I can do and still feel productive.

And, as they say, the list could truly go on and on and on!!

My prayer is that I won't ever take ANY of these incredible blessings for granted, and that I can help our daughters learn to be ever thankful.

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At Wed Nov 28, 01:23:00 PM PST, Blogger Barbara said...

I have been reading Woody's blog off and on for years when I have time - not nearly often enough. Finally, I followed the link over to your blog and wish that I had done so much sooner! I enjoy your wonderful family. Your thankful list is terrific. I agree with all the positive comments on your family picture.

Wishing you all wonderful holidays.


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