Monday, November 19, 2007

How They Grow

Seasons are cyclical. We are, as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, in a season of harvest. The preparation of the ground, the planting, and the nurturing and caring have been accomplished for this season's crop. The harvest, thankfully, is bountiful!

We have, since January, been singing the songs that are taught in Sharing Time to be featured in this year's Primary Sacrament Meeting Program. We have also been, since September, memorizing and reviewing the scriptures that were the girls' assigned parts for the annual program. But most importantly, we have been, since the girls were toddlers, encouraging both Jelly and Doodle to overcome their nervous trepidation enough to fully participate in song and speech as the children in church present their message. This year's theme was "I'll Follow Him in Faith."

The program that the children have been preparing for all year was presented yesterday. There were the usual congregational giggles due to the incredible cuteness of the little ones, but the overwhelming feeling was an amazingly tangible sweet spirit. Their message of faith came through loudly and clearly, even when the microphone posed a few problems.

And our Jelly and Doodle came through "loud and clear" as well, even when the mike didn't. They sang and spoke like the program veterans that they are. There were even joyous smiles as they realized that they were succeeding.

Yes, indeed, the harvest this season was indeed bountiful.

But we don't have the luxury of letting things lie dormant as we lie in wait for the spring.

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