Monday, November 26, 2007

The Little Black Dress

I've never been one to buy designer labels, or even to know who the "right" designers might be. But yesterday, when I put on my black "concert" dress, you'd have thought it was a high-priced original! It made me feel fantastic!

For four years now, since its inception, Woody has been the tenor soloist featured in a Messiah Sing-Along concert held in the gorgeously-elegant-decked-out-for-Christmas East Room of the Nixon Library, in Yorba Linda, CA. Yesterday afternoon, he outdid himself as he sang (both Every Valley and Comfort Ye) to ring in the holiday season for two nearly-packed-out seatings of concert goers, including the Woodyettes (who were much praised by complete strangers for their excellent concert behavior) and their Aunt Debby, who gave us the opportunity to share our whole Thanksgiving weekend.

We began a tradition four years ago, when we saw how lovely the setting was, of taking a family picture at the end of the concert. So, this year, as we prepared to get ready, I was thinking of how nice it would be to have an updated family portrait. Then it occurred to me that I didn't have anything to wear. My usual Christmas dress, a simple burgundy, was in the laundry! As he searched the depths of the closet, Woody unearthed several dresses that I haven't worn for years due to the fact that they haven't fit since I had the girls. Now, we've done lots of decluttering (a la Flylady), but my Scottish heritage makes it hard, sometimes, for me to get rid of things that I KNOW I'll use someday.

Out of sheer desperation, I decided to try on the "little" black dress. To my absolute amazement, not only did it fit, but it fit well!!! Go me! (I have a long way to go, but I'm so on the way! "Little" is, obviously, relative. Scottish or not.)

So, this year, our family picture features not Christmas colors, but concert black. And the pic we took in the East Room turned out less than stellar, but the one we snapped in the Rose Garden came out, I think, quite nice.

You be the judge.

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At Mon Nov 26, 11:53:00 AM PST, Blogger Woody said...

What a good-looking family!

At Mon Nov 26, 04:06:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here comes the Judge! I judge it perfect. What a beautiful picture -- I really love it. I WISH I could have heard both of Greg's solos. I get so frustrated sometimes . . .
Grandma Z

At Tue Nov 27, 04:53:00 PM PST, Blogger AnoelleB said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL picture!

At Wed Nov 28, 08:33:00 AM PST, Blogger Chelle said...

Beautiful!! And congratulations on weight loss and a packed house for Woody's performance!

I am from the lapbooking group, I thought I would check your blog to see if the gingerbread play dough can be dried for ornaments. If I can't find it here could you kindly email the group or me directly and let me know?

Chelle G.

At Wed Nov 28, 08:50:00 AM PST, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

Thanks to all for your kind words. :o)

As to the gingerbread play dough, it is basically like any other salt dough, it just smells better. So yes, if you leave it out, it will dry. Enjoy!

At Tue Nov 11, 04:15:00 AM PST, Anonymous Calvine said...

Keep up the good work.


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