Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thoughts on Homeschooling

We, as you probably already know, absolutely love homeschooling. Let me just pronounce the usual caveat right up front, though. Homeschooling is absolutely NOT for everyone. We are, contrary to popular belief, supporters of public schools, in more ways than just by paying our taxes and receiving NO financial support for educating our own children.

So, having gotten that out of the way,
check this out. There are many items listed that I would NEVER say, or with which I don't even agree. However, there are many items listed with which I DO agree.

It's lunchtime here at Wonderwood Academy. Normally on a Wednesday afternoon we'd be heading for the park or a museum or some other location to meet with our support group, but it is rainy here in sunny Southern California this week. We need the rain, so we're not complaining. We're staying in today, cozy and happy. Because we have some unexpected inside time, we'll probably bake some cookies, listen to some classical music while we do an art project (a collage representing high and low musical sounds - an assignment given by the girls' piano teachers last night at their piano classes), put in some extra final touches on our lapbooks about Ancient Greece, and read an extra chapter or two from Shadows in the Glasshouse (our current read-aloud).

Yes, indeed, we absolutely love homeschooling. For our family, it is a perfect fit.

Rain, or shine.

*Update - The link has been changed to reflect the original source.



At Wed Jan 23, 10:48:00 PM PST, Blogger Michael Davis said...

Thanks a lot for your link to Family Hack. We really appreciate it and are happy you found the post thought provoking and entertaining. We thought it was certainly worth sharing.


At Sun Feb 03, 09:35:00 PM PST, Blogger Nobody said...

Nice to see Michael Davis thanking you for the link to his blog. I wonder if he thanked the author of the original wish list before he "borrowed" it in its entirety for his web site?

What a great guy! Maybe he'll find something to "borrow" from your blog one day!

The original article:

At Sun Feb 03, 09:57:00 PM PST, Blogger Mrs. Woody said...

Sorry, "Nobody." I didn't intentionally step on "anybody's" toes. The link as posted in your comment was credited on the FamilyHack site, by Hannah, it looks like, NOT "borrowed" by Michael. But again, my apologies. I'll check for original sources more carefully from now on.


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