Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick-Days School

It is always quite amazing to me HOW our Heavenly Father teaches us just what He wants us to know - and just what we NEED to learn. And then I'm always amazed that I'm amazed. What I mean is, He uses the same teaching methods that we do as earthly parents - pretty much whatever it takes to get the lessons across - so I'm not sure why it amazes me so much. He plays to our strengths while helping to strengthen our weaknesses. It's one of the (many!) reasons I love homeschooling.

What I'm trying to say is that this week I seem to be learning yet another lesson that I didn't know I needed to learn. It is, so far, a strange week - which is to say that it doesn't fit the relaxed-but-fairly-predictable schedule we usually keep around here. I'm just starting to feel better, Jelly is deep in the throes of a nasty headcold, last night Doodle began her journey to feverish misery with a flu bug, and Daddy is working NOT at home as he has been so much lately, but actually IN his office. Do you blame him for wanting to escape? ;o)

Things are just not what they should be.


Not having enough energy to have our daily devotional isn't a good reason not to have it because having it always makes us feel better, especially if we feel especially crummy before we begin. (This is even more true when you feel physically fine and spiritually crummy.)

Looking at scrapbooks, lapbooks, and notebooks is a great way to sneak in some school when there isn't any energy to "do" school.

Unless your throat really hurts or your cough prohibits it (then let someone else do it!), reading out loud together is a great way to help lift sagging spirits. (Hank, the Cowdog, anyone?)

Cool, creamy yogurt or a fruity, frozen Jamba Juice can tempt even those with sore throats and no appetites.

Amazing things can be accomplished 15- (or even just 5) minutes at a time.

So, Jamba Juice and a story coming right up!

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