Monday, June 30, 2008

House of Order Week 1 Report

It should NOT surprise anyone when I say that this week has reaffirmed what I learned LONG ago: It always takes SO much longer to get something done than I think it will! And I really thought I was being realistic in my goal-setting.

BUT, having said that, it really has been a good week.

We now have a completely decluttered and reorganized kitchen. We donated the equivalent of three VERY large boxes of perfectly useful household goods - and it sure felt good!

The decluttering and organizing in the "back" of the house has also begun. We're still in the "making-more-of-a-mess" stage, but we ARE making progress. The girls are very much looking forward to doing some donating and having decluttered rooms, and I can't wait to reclaim our schoolroom!!

Also this week:

Jelly had her regular Tuesday night piano class. None for the Doodle this week, as her teacher is on vacation. I (almost always!) love hearing them practice!

Both girls had daily swim lessons. This is the fourth summer we've taken advantage of the aquatics program through Parks and Rec. Reasonable prices for reasonable progress on the girls' water skills. With four lessons still to go this week, Jelly has distinguished herself as the best backstroker in the class, with the best side-breathing freestyler honor going to Doodle. They're both doing very well!

Woody and I have also done some swimming WITH the girls this week. Twice we've availed ourselves of the hospitality of our friends and their beautiful backyard pool! The girls get extra opportunity to practice their strokes and diving, and Woody and I get to work out without sweating! We each did twenty laps on our first swim day, and upped it to twenty-five the second time. The girls love being able to swim with mama and daddy, too!

The girls and I worked together on our regular weekly "home blessing" on Saturday morning (while Woody was at a rehearsal) to prepare our hearts and house for the Sabbath. Dusting with the FlyLady feather duster is actually kinda fun! They don't especially enjoy the vacuuming (they trade off weeks doing the dining room, since it involves moving all the chairs), but they are getting pretty good at it. We all LOVE the results!

Saturday night we went to a patriotic concert (where Woody was the heart of the tenor section)and ice cream social sponsored by our community and hosted by our stake. It's an annual tradition that we really enjoy - especially the tribute to the armed forces. Yeah, our country is a mess, but it is still "a choice land" and we're grateful to live here.

Our Sabbath was a wonderful one, though a bit busier than some. The girls and I got ready while Woody (as counselor in the Stake Sunday School) supported a Teacher Inservice Class held for the instructors in our ward at 7:30 a.m. (See the Inner Dad for a bit more church info.) We returned home for a light lunch after ward choir rehearsal, and then I actually slept most of afternoon while Woody and the girls watched a movie.

You KNOW what they say about all work and no play. :o)

I'll let you know how THIS week goes -- better get started.

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