Sunday, July 27, 2008

Missing Month #2

**UPDATE** This post is now followed by two I wrote on the same day - The Sacred, and The Secular. Note: That last one includes new pics of the girls. **

Once again I find myself WAY behind in blogging the true-life adventures of the Woody family. Once again, it has been a very busy month! Much of our time has been spent in simply enjoying the summer (playdays and sleepovers for the girls, swimming, birthday parties, dinner "parties", service projects, gardening, and movie and/or game nights) while also attempting to continue our organizing and decluttering projects.

The girls' rooms are both done and they LOVE their "new" rooms!! It made them feel good to donate some of their well-loved but outgrown things to "kids who need them and will love them, too!" Somehow it is MUCH easier for a child's heart to part with loved toys when they know those old favorites will continue to be loved by another child. :o) We still have to finish tackling the school room. I was hoping to have that done by now, but have NOT given up hope! ;o) We WILL reclaim that space... even if we have to do it fifteen minutes at a time. In the interim, we will continue to use the dining and living rooms for school. One of the advantages of our school room is that is has a table AND a couch in the same room. We'll get there.

There have been, though, this month, a couple of things/events that I want to make sure I blog so that they are "journaled" for posterity. In trying to figure out how to post things so that they make sense, I've decided to make the technology work for me. I want THIS post to appear first, and then also want to keep the two "journal" posts separate - they range from the sacred to the truly secular. Which to record first... hmmm... it IS the Sabbath, after all.

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