Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally, a LOOoooonngg Weekend

Since we've got a long weekend in front of us, I decided I'd better blog the last one before this one is over. We'd been trying to get away and visit family to the north for nearly two months, and we finally made it last weekend!

The process of getting ready always turns into more of big deal than it should be, but we always survive it somehow. We laugh about my lists, but every time I don't make one, we forget something. This time it was actually quite rewarding. We were able to take LOTS of hand-me-downs with us, and they'll make great school clothes for our sweet niece. PLUS there is more room HERE now. The whole hand-me-down process is really worthy of a post all its own. Another time.

We got out of town within 30 minutes of our goal, which I consider an amazing accomplishment. It was a long but not too traffic-horrific drive to our first stop - Papa's house in Santa Barbara. Papa and his wife, Dorothy, were as excited to see us as we were to be seen!

After deciding to keep with our tradition, we headed to Goleta Beach for a picnic and pier walk.
While we were waiting for Papa and Dorothy to arrive with lunch, an incredibly beautiful flock of pelicans flew by in the traditional V formation. I've seen lots of pelicans at that beach, but NEVER a flock in formation. SOoo cool!! We actually ALL saw them again later in the afternoon.

My sister and three of her kids joined us after they got out of school. (Our beach day WAS school!) The kids swam, boogie-boarded, and played in the sand, and the grown-ups soaked up the sun and scenery. We spent Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday together and had such a good visit.

On Sunday we got to spend time with part of the other side of the family, with Woody's middle sister and family. Again, it was a great visit.

We know we're where we need to be, but it sure would be nice to be closer.

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